Automatic Guided Vehicles: Maximize Safety, Minimize Overhead Costs

Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are among the very latest material handling innovations to enter the manufacturing and industrial markets. Driverless, flexible, and extremely efficient, AGVs help you reallocate your human resources, maximize workplace safety and minimize overhead costs associated with potential litigation.

Robotic technology is evolving at a rapid pace. From automated personal assistants, to consumer drones, to the development of driverless cars, it’s clear that automation will be an integral part of the future. AGVs offer time, money, and labor-saving solutions to multiple operational challenges across a variety of industries.

Power of the Future

Pacific Rim Capital provides an assortment of automatic material handling vehicle leasing options for a varied network of industrial applications. We offer leasing options with all leading AGV manufacturers, including:

  • OTTO
  • SmartCart
  • Dematic
  • Autocraft
  • Aethon

And many more.

PRC: Your Go-To AGV Supplier

PRC offers next-generation solutions to a variety of operational challenges. Providing diverse material handling equipment and customized leasing plans to organizations across industries, PRC delivers the expertise, flexibility, and unparalleled support that ensures exceptional outcomes and maximum ROI.

Innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. PRC takes your business to new levels.

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