Boom Lifts: Greater Reach for Greater Productivity

At Pacific Rim Capital, we recognize your need to keep productivity high and overhead low. With customizable leasing programs for aerial boom lifts, we can help your business acquire equipment from the world’s leading brands to optimize efficiency and maximize ROI.

When you need to access high places, there is no substitute for aerial scaffolding or aerial lifts. These lifts protect your workers as they gain access to difficult, out-of-reach spots on the jobsite.

Effective Loading Transportation

Your project requirements will determine which lift you need. At PRC, we serve a diverse array of industries and help our clients finance the right equipment for their project.

  • Scissor Lift. The Scissor lift is an aerial scaffolding lift that extends straight upwards towards the target height via folding. Scissor lifts do not possess the technology to maneuver around obstacles in the path of the lift. They offer greater loading capacity than other types of lifts, and feature larger platforms.
  • Articulating Boom Lift. An articulating boom lift is a highly flexible, easily maneuverable lift. Unlike a scissor lift, an articulating boom lift uses a long hydraulic arm to raise workers to highly elevated areas. Articulating boom lifts offer the advantage of a “knuckle” design with one or more folding joints along the arm.
  • Telescopic/Straight Boom Lift. Telescopic or straight lifts have a boom arm that can collapse into itself. Telescopic lifts tend to have smaller platforms but can still accommodates weight thresholds of 1,000 pounds

Lifting People, Not Prices

Pacific Rim Capital is North America’s leading independent lessor of material handling equipment. No matter what class, brand, or scale boom lift you need, our leasing programs can help you acquire the tools you need quickly and easily.

PRC has provided clients around the globe with next-generation industrial, construction, and commercial equipment leasing strategies for over 25 years. Each solution is tailored to accommodate the clients’ unique needs and operational objectives, maximizing ROI and optimizing productivity. Regardless of project scope or complexity, PRC is ready to help you meet—and exceed—your targets year after year.

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