Dump Trucks: Strength, Endurance, Performance

Your business needs to move mountains – and you need a dump truck that can handle the load. PRC provides customized dump truck financing and leasing programs designed to serve your business objectives and improve your bottom line.

PRC offers financing for a vast array of dump trucks: from light-duty single axle dump trucks to muscular vehicles with big dump truck bodies. No matter the project, PRC finances the material handling equipment you need to get the job done.

Dump Truck Categories Include:

  • Standard Dump Truck. Standard dump trucks are widely used for basic construction projects. With exceptional handling and load capacity that can accommodate most mid-scale jobs, the standard single- or tri-axle dump truck is an effective tool for significant material transport.

  • Articulated Dump Truck. Articulated dump trucks, unlike standard dump trucks, can be used in off-road situations, and are the go-to tipper trucks for mining projects. Built for long distance hauling over rough terrain, articulated dump trucks have a load capacity between 40 and 50 tons.

  • Transfer Dump Truck. A modular dump truck that hauls materials using attached trailers, this truck can transfer tremendous loads while maintaining superior maneuverability.

Lease a Dump Truck from Leading Manufacturers

If you’re looking for dump truck financing and leasing programs, PRC will finance equipment from manufacturers such as:

  • Mack
  • General Motors
  • Ford
  • Caterpillar
  • Volvo

And many more.

Leasing Plans Designed to Meet Your Goals

PRC provides comprehensive solutions designed to maximize your ROI and lower your overall total costs. PRC offers dedicated service you need to ensure smooth operations when financing a large-scale dump truck fleet.

PRC has built an industry-wide reputation for excellence, integrity, and client-focused service. We strive to give each of our clients the tools they need to grow and thrive. The best equipment, the best solutions, and the best service.

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