Forklifts: The Benefits of Leasing

The right equipment can mean the difference between profit and loss. Pacific Rim Capital is North America’s largest independent lessor of material handling equipment, and experts at designing cost-effective programs to reduce your overall total cost.

Is Leasing Right For My Organization?

At PRC, we finance all capital equipment, regardless of vendor, make or model, for any industry. We customize each transaction to your unique requirements. If you require large, high-volume material handling solutions, PRC can provide the right strategy for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have constraints within your capital budget that make leasing much more financially feasible than buying equipment.

  • You want to take advantages of tax benefits associated with FMV leases.

  • You do not want to pay substantial maintenance fees for equipment past their economically useful lifespan.

Low Risk, Lower Costs

Among mid-size to large corporations, leasing is by far the most common method of acquiring material handling equipment. Approximately 80 percent of businesses in the United States that require high volume material handling solutions choose to lease rather than buy. A forklift lease offers significant benefits over buying for all organizations.

Why PRC?

For over 25 years, PRC has provided flexible, customized, and productive MHE leasing solutions to a diverse network of Fortune 500 companies. We create meaningful relationships with customers and manufacturers alike. As one of the leading independent forklift leasing company in North America, we take pride in providing unparalleled service.

From forklift leasing, fleet services and specialized asset financing, to environmentally sustainable business development protocols, PRC continually strives to deliver a leading-edge mix of financial products and services, and we partner with clients to develop next-generation strategies that ensure dependable ROI and solid, long-term growth.

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