Log Loaders: High Performance for Optimal Growth

Log loaders are essential tools for efficient forestry, road management, and agricultural applications. Pacific Rim Capital offers customized log loader leasing and finance options designed to help you meet and exceed your goals.

The newest machines deliver enhanced drivability that translates to meaningful increases in productivity. Experience long-term growth with the latest innovations in log loader equipment from manufacturers like Caterpillar, Prentice, Tigercat, and John Deere.

Classes of Log Loaders:

Log loaders are any type of heavy-duty material handling equipment that uses hydraulic mechanisms to handle, stack, sort and transport logs on a jobsite.

Self-propelled log loaders: These log loaders can incorporate excavating, lifting, and/or hauling mechanisms into a vehicle that can be maneuvered around a worksite.

Knuckleboom loaders: Loaders whose loading mechanisms are independent of the vehicle, which is typically a truck or trailer bed.

Crane Loaders: Log loaders that combine the reach of a crane with the articulation of a grapple. These machines pick up individual or clusters of logs and deposit them into the attached truck or trailer bed.

Log Loader Applications

Log loading is only one of the many tasks that can be performed by next-generation forestry equipment. There are four categories of logging equipment based upon how and where that equipment is designed to be used:

  • Logging: Equipment designed to process or move trees from their point of origin to the roadside. These machines are designed for rugged, off-road use, and may also be equipped to cut, fall, or mulch logs.
  • Landing: Machinery built to sort, process, load, and transport logs at roadside sites.
  • Road: Heavy equipment used to clear and maintain forest roads.
  • Service: Any machinery used to transport crew, equipment, and supplies to a forest worksite.

Meet and Exceed Your Targets

PRC can help you finance next-generation log loading equipment from the world’s top brands. We offer leasing programs for log loader and other equipment from diverse manufacturers, including Caterpillar, John Deere, Tigercat, Fecon, and more.

PRC partners with you to develop equipment financing strategies that maximize your return on investment. We do more than lease equipment – we invest in the success of our clients, maintaining longstanding relationships that ensure continued productivity and consistent growth.

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