Order Pickers: Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency

Whether you need forklifts, order pickers, or pallet trucks for your warehousing operations, Pacific Rim Capital delivers the personalized financing solutions to help you reach your project goals.

Order pickers, also known as order selectors, stock pickers, and lift trucks, are used in fulfillment, manufacturing, and warehousing environments to retrieve items from high and deep shelving units. An order picker is a vehicle constructed to navigate very narrow aisles, smoothly elevate the operator, and transport often heavy materials. The order picker’s ability to maneuver quickly and easily within highly confined areas allows operations to maximize warehousing space. Leaner warehousing combined with increased productivity and efficiency means significantly reduced overhead and labor costs.

Categories of Order Pickers

Piece Picking: Order pickers that are designed to allow employees to retrieve individual items for mail-order and inventory applications. Piece picking equipment innovations include voice directed and automated picking.

Case Picking: Case picking equipment is designed to accommodate larger parcels for high-volume sorting and stocking.

Pallet Picking: Pallet picking equipment tends to be heavy-duty forklift and automated conveyance equipment, designed to allow employees to negotiate and maintain complex block stacking strategies.

Piece picking, case picking, and pallet picking equipment includes:

  • Automated conveyor and sortation equipment
  • Automatic picking machines
  • Automatic storage and retrieval systems
  • Bar-code scanning equipment
  • Carousels
  • Carton flow rack
  • Lift trucks
  • Pick-to-light
  • Static shelving
  • Voice-directed picking equipment

PRC Optimizes Your Productivity

PRC delivers tailored order picker financing solutions that facilitate long-term growth and optimum productivity. We invest in our clients, giving them access to equipment from the world’s top pallet truck, forklift, and order picker manufacturers. At PRC, we help our clients reach and exceed their performance expectations.

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