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Pacific Rim Capital CEO Shares a “View from the C-Suite” at Jewish Executive Leadership Conference

DmirskyDavid Mirsky, CEO and Cofounder of Pacific Rim Capital Inc., was recently featured as an executive panelist at the 6th Annual Jewish Executive Leadership Conference held in Santa Monica, California. The distinguished conference is designed to inspire young Jewish graduate students and professionals to become active leaders of the Jewish community, while simultaneously growing their own careers.

In a seminar entitled, “The View from the C-Suite Across Diverse Industries,” Mr. Mirsky shared strategies that helped Pacific Rim Capital, the most respected independent lessor of material equipment, build a roster of Fortune 500 clients with nearly $2 billion in lease originations. The wide range of topics discussed included: the decision to become an entrepreneur, how to incorporate personal values in driving your company, the most important aspects of leadership in running a business, and remaining involved in the community.

“I get inspired by the drive of young, hungry men and women who are at the beginning of their business and legal careers,” said Mr. Mirsky, a graduate, summa cum laude, of Binghamton University in New York. “It’s a privilege to share business, leadership, and community insights with our future leaders and innovators.”

The Jewish Executive Leadership Conference is L.A.’s largest interactive networking forum bringing high-level Jewish executives together with Jewish MBA and law students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs. Each year, hundreds of graduate students gather to hear experienced executives, who are also community leaders, share their career successes and the importance of community leadership.