Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Go Green and Save Green

A growing number of companies are switching to renewable energy. Over 150 companies worldwide have made the commitment to go 100% renewable including GM, Google, Lego, Nike, P&G, and Starbucks. While the switch cost to green energy is falling, it is still a large undertaking and a substantial financial investment.

Purchasing renewable energy equipment presents several challenges including large up-front capital investments, rapidly falling costs, more efficient equipment, and the savings are typically realized in the future.

Leasing is an effective strategy for companies to acquire the latest green technology. Leasing equipment allows you to avoid taking out a loan or line of credit, giving you the flexibility to keep your credit available for other operational expenses. Finally, with a lease, you are not responsible for the maintenance or disposal.

Pacific Rim Capital is equipped to help companies who are ready to make the switch to renewable energy with customized lease programs that maximize the benefit of using renewable energy equipment with a predictable monthly payment to help keep your company moving forward.

Companies are beginning
to make the switch by leasing:

Building Efficiency Automation Systems
Intelligent Security Systems
Intelligent Climate Control
Technology HVAC Systems
Intelligent Air Quality
Volume Measurement Systems
Intelligent Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Control Systems
Intelligent Lighting
Smart Chillers

Water Treatment Plants

Energy Storage Equipment
Wind Turbines
DC Converters
Integrated Systems

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems
LED Retrofit Projects

Alternative Fuel Equipment
CNG Lifts
Hydrogen Fuel Cells
CNG Fueling Stations

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