Fulfill your Diversity Spend Qualifications with Pacific Rim Capital

NMSDC Corporate-Controlled, Minority-Owned Business

We know that you want your suppliers to reflect the diversity of the business community. Pacific Rim Capital is proud to be an NMSDC certified Corporate-Controlled minority-owned business. Working with PRC means you can fulfill your diversity spend qualifications and needs.

Take an Active Role in Economic Development

Supplier Diversity displays an organization’s commitment to social corporate responsibility – of making the world a better place both in terms of the products they provide and how they run their operations. In today’s market, consumers are more socially aware than ever, they want to know the businesses they are buying from share their values.

If your company is willing to do its part to tackle issues related to economic inequality, fair labor practices, and environmental responsibility, your customers and prospects will know that they mean more than just impacting your bottom line. They know that your company is committed to making the world a better place – from the inside out.

Competitive Advantage & Savings

Branching out into new and diverse markets opens channels to sourcing new business and mutually beneficial partnerships. If your company works with a diverse array of suppliers, you have the advantage over companies that do not.

Diversifying your suppliers also means greater ground for stimulating innovation. Smaller diverse suppliers are differentiating themselves from competition by bringing greater and newer ideas to the table, with the agility to do so.

Build the Perfect Partnership

PRC is a minority-controlled business with global expertise, award-winning customer experience, and socially responsible corporation.

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