Smarter Financial Decisions Lead to Lower Total Costs

Conserving Capital

Do more, spend less. Leasing material handling equipment will leave you with more cash to allocate and invest in revenue-generating activities or other profitable opportunities. PRC offers customized and flexible leasing programs that will not only free up cash but also end up saving you on the total overall cost.

FASB: Preparing for a Big Change

Are you ready for the FASB change? Knowing how to navigate through the changes will make the most successful implementation of the new lease accounting standards. While balance sheets will reflect leased assets, the other advantages of control, financial predictability, convenience, and risk reduction remain unaffected.

Saving on Total Cost

Leasing is a tool, as is buying or renting. When analyzing lease vs. buy, wise decision makers will consider pertinent questions such as, “What other factors are critical to the success of this decision? How should those factors be weighed relative to payment?” Focusing on a broader business context during lease vs. buy exercises, including factors such as maintenance and downtime costs, assist companies in most effectively lowering costs.

Exceed Your Targets

PRC works with each of your locations to survey your equipment based on hourly usage, operating environment, and equipment application. We then benchmark your information against 30 years of data and industry expertise to make a recommendation that will result in savings of 15-20%.

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