Information Technology

Information Technology
Tech Moves Quickly, Stay Ahead of the Curve


PRC gives you the advantage of building a customized and flexible IT lease structure. You have the power to choose your equipment, manufacturer, and vendor. Procure what you need (desktops, laptops, servers, storage solutions, IT infrastructure, etc.) without a large capital outlay from your current operating budget.

Beat Obsolescence

Take the opportunity to stay on top of costs and avoid being stuck with obsolete equipment. Investing in cutting-edge technology will always give you a competitive advantage. Pacific Rim Capital has over 30 years of proprietary market data and analysis to help you benchmark prices that you receive from an equipment manufacturer. Consider working with PRC to do a Price Protection Analysis.

Trusted Expertise

PRC takes a proactive approach to managing the life cycle of your IT lease. Customized solutions make the return process seamless and a dedicated end of lease management team to address your needs along the way.
Our proactive end of lease management ensures on point replacement timing.

Build the perfect partnership.

PRC is a minority-controlled business with global expertise, award-winning customer experience, and socially responsible corporation.

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