We keep track of your fleet, so you can keep track of your business.

We acknowledge that your needs are time sensitive and important, PRC provides dedicated teams to take the weight off tracking suppliers, coordinating equipment deliveries, and tracking your assets.

Make Informed Equipment Decisions

PRC has over 30 years of proprietary market data and analysis to help you benchmark prices that you receive from an equipment manufacturer. The Price Protection Analysis to ensure you are getting comparable, fair, and transparent pricing across the board.

Improve Equipment Utilization

Focusing only on price during the lease term and not thinking about the total costs of operating an entire fleet over its lifetime will often result in missed opportunities to save on costs. PRC offers a comprehensive Utilization Study to determine the remaining useful life of your equipment before maintenance costs begin to waste thousands of dollars.

Exceed Your Targets

PRC works with each of your locations to survey your equipment. We then benchmark your information against nearly 30 years of data and industry expertise to make a recommendation that will result in significant cost savings.

Build the perfect partnership.

PRC is a minority-controlled business with global expertise, award-winning customer experience, and socially responsible corporation.

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Build the perfect partnership.